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Longboard Aluminum Siding

A common alternative for traditional wood siding

Thanks to the modern technology today can apply to our home or commercial exterior a more sophisticated siding materials such as longboard aluminum siding.

This siding material is still one of the most used siding alternatives to traditional wood siding solutions. It is very popular because it has lower price and it is much easier to maintain.

This contemporary siding solution for residential and commercial objects is available in various woodgrains and solid color finishes.

We provide our longboard siding materials in 3 profiles with 24 ft. lengths (4″ V-Groove, 6″ V-Groove, 6″ Channel)

Our most popular woodgrains are Western Cedar, Dark Cherry, Dark National Walnut, but we also have a standard solid color and specialty finishes.

So, if you’re planning to remodel your Toronto area property and get the best siding product related to cost and maintenance then longboard aluminum siding is maybe the right match for you.

Our Longboard Aluminum Siding Projects

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