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Aluminum Window Capping

Capping windows with aluminum to protect exterior elements

Window capping is often referred as window cladding. It is part of every construction project as windows and doors are part of the anatomy of the house exterior.

These days when we are talking about window capping we think of aluminum and vinyl as the most common siding alternatives for wood.

The application of aluminum on your windows aims to provide a weather-proof layer to control the infiltration of water. The good thing is that the existing wooden window frames and exterior trim don’t have to be completely replaced. Aluminum is molded and applied over the existing frames to fit.

Of course, the same process goes for all other exterior wood elements. Even if your wood fascia or doors are in good condition eventually you will have to cap them.

With aluminum window capping as permanent solution protect these elements from water damage and insect, eliminating the need to paint them again.

In the images below you can see our aluminum capping portfolio

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